Free IT delivery on orders over €150
Free IT delivery on orders over €150


In 2015 Maria Redaelli, MARU Founder and Creative Director, toured Japan, exploring the distinct craft traditions around the country and connecting with Japanese artisans.

From the traditional Magewappa wood-bending craftsmen of Odate in the north to the Basho banana-fibre spinners of Ogimi in the south, she found a treasure-trove of talented makers. She also discovered a heritage of local companies producing objects with materials and techniques specific to their location, such as paper lamps and tatami straw mats.

Meeting these craftsmen and producers, all dedicated to producing high-quality products that last over time and embody a history worth sharing and valuing, is what prompted Maria to create MARU. She then extended her research to Italy and other countries in search of similarly produced items that would satisfy her taste and values. Her goal is to put together pieces that “talk” to each other, just as you might in your own home.


Italy is recognised as a centre of excellence in design and Milan as a global hub for the industry. But even here, people have a growing desire to furnish and decorate the spaces they inhabit not only with beautifully designed objects, but also with pieces that embody a human touch, an emotional warmth, and a connection to traditions of craftsmanship.

This is the desire that MARU seeks to satisfy.

Its mission is to improve wellbeing by providing furniture and accessories that enrich living and working spaces, both aesthetically and emotionally.